Powerful, real-time analytics for your execution management control towers.

Real-Time Dashboards

“Know instantly if your driver is making unscheduled stops”

  • Live Vehicle Activity
  • Stop Status
  • Depot Departure Times
  • Customer Arrival Times
  • Route Progress

Planned and actual stops with classification indicators and informative statistics.

Drag and drop pins to easily update customer locations / co-ordinates.

Business Intelligence Modules

  • Planned Vs Actual km’s
  • Route Adherence
  • Customer Hit Rate
  • Late Depot Departure
  • Customer Service Score
  • Depot Return Times
  • Time Utilisation
  • Vehicle Space Utilisation
  • Cost/trip/Km/Truck day

Automated Reports

  • Driver Debrief
  • Safety Scorecards
  • Customer Scores
  • Route Adherence
  • Planned Vs Actual km’s
  • Cost of Trip