Mobile application for infield service & delivery execution

“Gives your drivers and staff a direct communication channel to your planning system via their mobile, increasing efficiency and reducing admin by allowing them to keep track of their schedule and capture their tasks”

Driver Manifest Check


Driver confirms stock quantities for the load, done by count or scan.

  • display ordered vs picked quantities
  • reason for difference
  • load pick complete: only visible once all quantities confirmed with reasons

Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection


CheckPoint forces the driver complete the pre-trip vehicle inspection form.

If all mandatory safety items are passed, the driver will be allowed to proceed and begin the trip.

If an item fails , the driver will not be allowed to proceed unless authorised by the fleet supervisor override PIN.

All faults and damages are logged and immediately sent to the fleet maintenance manager for fault correction and maintenance scheduling.

Job Preview & Live Routing

Once the pre-trip inspection is complete, driver can preview the trip and view task summary for all jobs.

Tasks displayed in optimised sequence with distance from current position.

Driver Selects “Begin Journey” to trigger the dispatch and routing.



On customer arrival, the driver completes the Proof of Delivery workflow, capturing items delivered and empties returned (if applicable).


1. Deliverable Items

2 .Returnable Items

3. Undelivered Items

4. Signatures