Reduce fuel spend, decrease risk and enable better driver behavior

Cost Saving

The implementation of Sunstone’s fuel management system aligned with standard operating procedures, provide a mechanism to reduce fuel spend , decrease risk and enable better driver behaviour.

Business Tools:

  • Fuel Consumption Reporting
  • Fuel Theft Analysis & Alerts
  • Excessive Idling Analysis
  • Driver Behavior Reporting
  • CO2 Emissions Analysis


Taking industry standard accuracy from 98 to >99.2%

Precision and repeatability is what sets our product offering apart.

FuelControl provides near to perfect data readings that will assist with:

  • Reducing / eliminating fuel thefts
  • Accurate data & reports resulting in higher levels of accuracy for budgeting & forecasting
  • Visibility to identify cost saving opportunities
  • Scalable – sustainable solution, management process can be implemented across multiple depots / countries

Hardware & Calibration

The Probe

  • Reliable & stable
  • Multi tank & shape compatibility
  • Robust – tested in extreme operating conditions


  • Fitted with anti-tamper connector seals
  • Fuel monitoring awareness stickers    applied to tank

Our Calibration Technique

Sunstone has applied advanced mathematical techniques to develop world first calibration methodologies. This process usually takes up to 4 hours per vehicle to ensure the highest levels of accuracy.