Robust tracking hardware and accessories

Hardware & Accessories

This future proof, advanced telemetry device has multiple accessory input/output interfaces, suited for complete supply chain and logistics management applications.

Multiple digital input/output interfaces for monitoring and controlling external devices, such as:

  • Driver ID tags
  • Panic button
  • Fuel probe
  • CANBus
  • Analogue inputs for cold chain monitoring through temperature sensors.

Live Tack & Trace

Real time stats and tracking for all platforms – mobiles, tablets & PC’s.

View and promote optimal route execution, decrease distribution costs and increase customer service by dynamically and tactically responding to daily operational events.

  • Vehicle maintenance scheduler
  • Dispatch – create job : dispatch vehicle / driver
  • Draw & replay Tracks
  • Points of Interest & GEO fencing
  • Area search – event / track history

Analysis & Reporting

Sunstone offers a leading web based tracking platform with real time views, dashboards, alerts and reporting.

The Fleet Manager Platform is a complete solution for the modern fleet operator.

It provides the tools needed to effectively run a high-performing operation with efficiency, accuracy and safety, with real-time views of assets’ current position, movement, and driver info.

  • Visibility & route analysis
  • Accident analysis
  • Fleet maintenance reports
  • Driver behavior reports
  • Safety scorecard reports